Life-long Education

Career management is a simple yet often forgotten concept, especially for young people. They do not know that be stepping into university or college they are making one of the first steps in managing their careers.

Career management is a deliberate effort to invest time and resources into improving ones skills and knowledge with the goal of advancing a career. By entering tertiary school, students give themselves a better chance of getting a job. By taking specialized courses, they improve their skills and make them available for promotions.  

Getting into school should not be the first and last step in managing one’s career. Just like money in a bank, it will not easily turn into a million dollars by just keeping it there. You must constantly add more money that you earn by working hard. This is called an investment. In career management, an investment is through time and resources which you pour into training, further education (like an MBA) and personality advancement.

Just like money in a bank, there is a return on your investment. The profit is in a form of a better job, a promotion and ultimately a better pay. How big the returns are, will depend on what and how much you have invested in your career. Wise and strategic investments must be made in order not to waste money, time and effort. Investments must be made with a goal in sight and with a focused effort in achieving that goal.

If you are a bank employee, for example, it is smart to pursue education in finance, strategic investments and the like. A certificate in horticulture or origami will help but not much in getting that corner office. It is also very important to build and keep good relationships with colleagues and partners as they will also help in advancing your career.

One must always think that career management is a life-long learning. It does not start at a particular time and will not end. Your personality and outlook towards work, which could help you in getting the boss’ attention, may not have been learned in university but in primary school. Just like a college degree is an assurance you become a CEO one day.